Beneficial Approach

Beneficial Communities focuses on doing one thing and doing it well: the mission-based, profit-driven ownership and development of multi-family homes that are designed to be… beneficial.

Whether we are building luxury, market-rate apartments or supportive housing for income-sensitive individuals, our team directs the development process with the same people-first approach that creates an unlimited demand for our product. The key, then, to realizing these market-quality rental communities – sometimes at half the rent of equivalent conventional housing – is our execution.

Specifically, Beneficial Communities has honed the tried-and-true real estate development process to near-automatic detail:

  • Our scalable development process allows Beneficial Communities to develop in small rural markets such as Lyons, Georgia just as easily as in much larger metro areas such as Chicago, Illinois.
  • By combining our experience in building more than 120,000 units in more than 20 states with specific market research and constant customer feedback, our process not only highlights the potential of each property in advance, but also identifies pitfalls early.
  • With these efficiencies in place at every step, Beneficial Communities is able go beyond the basics and utilize local talent when available or call on national experts when needed.
  • Because our experienced team of professionals has personal know-how in all aspects of real estate development, construction and property management, we know how to manage these local and national partners when called upon.

Beneficial Financing

While all the multi-family communities we develop are of market-rate quality, regardless of who lives in them, the challenge is often how to deliver the product to some at an affordable housing price.

Beneficial Communities’ expertise in conventional financing, tax-leveraged financing and other creative financing options allows us to truly meet America’s need for multi-family rental housing and then some. By breaking through economic barriers that sometimes prevent certain income sectors of our population from enjoying modern housing opportunities, we are able to reach farther. Without geographic limitations… across the nation in areas that need it most.